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  1. Celebrex is a therapy for discomfort and swelling. It works by minimizing those symptoms and helping keep them under control. If you reacted unusually to sulfa drugs, celecoxib, pain killers or various other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, you must not be making use of Celebrex. Such medical concerns as heart illness, bleeding ailment, polyps in your nose, blood clot disorder, a record of embolism, liver illness, coronary infarction, epilepsy, high blood tension, a past of tummy abscess, asthma, renal disease or a past of cardiac arrest or stroke must constantly be reported to your medical professional ahead of time. An overdose of Celebrex could be fatal and can cause queasiness, tummy discomfort, coma, coughing up blood, black or heavy stools, shallow breathing, throwing up, drowsiness or fainting. It needs to be reported to the local emergency situation facility.

    Celebrex is a secure medicine as long as you take it in the precise means recommended. You will have to note your day-to-day quantity and take Celebrex only as suggested. Some people might need to take it daily, while others utilize Celebrex as called for. If you discover adverse effects like mild skin rash, diarrhea, aching neck, problem, indigestion, bloating, drippy or stuffy nose, dizziness, gas or stress, you could proceed regarding the therapy. Rarely, Celebrex could cause reduction of hunger, fast weight gain, upper belly discomfort, divulging blood, clay-colored stools, troubles with vision or balance, urinating less compared to common, weak point, lack of breath, bloody or tarry feces, vomit that appears like coffee premises, garbled speech, breast discomfort or dark pee, and those will really need to be reported to a qualified health care specialist.

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